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Hitch Asset Management, LLC (HAM) is here to help homeowners out of any kind of distressed situation.  As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal, however we can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what!  There are no fees, up front costs, commissions, or anything else.  Just the simple honest truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

You may hear from others, the news, or even real estate agents, that investors are all out to screw over the home owner, but this simply isn't true.  Hitch Asset Management, LLC is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  We may not be the "traditional" route, but the reason many bad mouth investors is because we CAN help and we can do it quickly, which they don't want YOU to know about!

Give us a call today to let us know what YOU need help with!

It doesn't matter if you are buying, selling, or looking to invest in real estate.  We are one of the TOP real estate companies our area!  Check out website information pages for our free packets  to find out why you should be working with us!

Where to find a buyer for my Distressed Property

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate | 0 comments

If you are selling a distressed property it can mean either one of two things, you are a borrower who has failed to pay off their loan and has just received notice of default from the lender and wish to sell your property yourself, or you are a lender that wishes to sell of a property that did not mature it’s loan, or perhaps you are a businessperson who deals in tracking down distressed properties and selling them to people who either wish to buy such properties for business purposes or for personal purposes. The important thing you need...

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Landlord Advice – Conditioning Tenants

Posted by on May 31, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate | 0 comments

Remember the Golden Rule You need to be able to build rapport with all the tenants you are dealing with. Generally, if you treat them with respect you will get respect in return. When your tenants respect you as a landlord that will make your job much easier. There will of course be hard headed people who might not respond to good behavior but there’s a good way you can avoid having people like that enter your property as you are the one who is managing the screening process. Even if someone like that passes through your filters, remember...

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Things to do Before Planning to Flip a Property

Posted by on May 24, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate | 0 comments

Property renovation can increase the resale value of a property up to 15 to 30%. Getting the highest rate after your renovations depends on how smart you were through your renovation process. Basic questions you need to ask yourself before you start renovating There are a few basic questions one must ask oneself when planning on renovation property, remember the golden rule, “ if you do not plan to flip It right, you plan to fail “ How long will it take to Flip the Property Deciding on how you want to do this depends actually on how much...

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