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Hitch Asset Management, LLC (HAM) is here to help homeowners out of any kind of distressed situation.  As investors, we are in business to make a modest profit on any deal, however we can help homeowners out of just about any situation, no matter what!  There are no fees, up front costs, commissions, or anything else.  Just the simple honest truth about your home and how we can help you sell it fast to resolve any situation.

You may hear from others, the news, or even real estate agents, that investors are all out to screw over the home owner, but this simply isn't true.  Hitch Asset Management, LLC is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who are helping tens of thousands of homeowners every year.  We may not be the "traditional" route, but the reason many bad mouth investors is because we CAN help and we can do it quickly, which they don't want YOU to know about!

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It doesn't matter if you are buying, selling, or looking to invest in real estate.  We are one of the TOP real estate companies our area!  Check out website information pages for our free packets  to find out why you should be working with us!

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Dealing With Tenants – Advice for Landlords

Posted by on Dec 6, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate | 0 comments

Landlording is not for everyone, you have to deal with all kinds of people, and have to bear with being disturbed at random hours for minor issues, you have to deal with tenants you get late on rent, and those that won’t follow the rules. It’s a good way to earn money long term but there are things you can do to make life easier for you in the long run by establishing certain ground rules that can help maintain a healthy relationship with your tenants that does not put a lot of strain on your constitution and give you constant migranes. When you are the Owner but you’re not the Owner. First thing you need to remember is that even if you are the owner, make sure you establish yourself instead as a property manager, if you ever get into any conflict situation you can simply cite policy and point the finger at the Owner ( which would be a Business entity you ask your lawyer to set up for you ) This way you can have a great time, blaming the Property Owner and dissolving any conflicts your tenants may have, since you can show them you sympathize with their plight and put yourself down to their level. Never Rent Out to Family or Friends The Cardinal Sin of Managing Rentals is Allowing any of your Family members or Friends to come in as a tenant, you will never be able to enforce your rules, and God Forbid they should make relationships with their neighbors you’ll be on point to take care of their needs simply by an obligation of proxy, you’ll never be able to ask for rent if it’s late. It’s never a good idea to get family involved; it puts a lot of stress on the relationship and you have to deal with the choice of getting screwed over or preserving the relationship. Late Fees for Late Rent Make is a Permanent Rule to Charge Late Fees to anyone who does not pay their rent on time, people usually make enough money to be able to pay rent and adjust their other necessities, but if you become lenient in your collection and don’t set up penalties, Tenants will usually put rent at a lower priority than their personal needs. Charging late fees for late rent will make your tenants give top priority to paying the rent on time, make sure you don’t give any exceptions when it comes to this rule. Outsource the Repair Work It’s always a smart decision to outsource your repairs to a permanent Repair guy, once your phone goes off, give him a call and have him take care of the repair work for a fee, long term contractors that can do minor repairs are a must have for managing rental properties. If there are minor repairs you can even take care of them yourself but it’s good to have a plumber and electrician handy for the bigger jobs that usually need doing from time to...

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Spotting a Bad Flip Immediately

Posted by on Nov 29, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate, Rehab | 0 comments

There are too many half baked experts jumping into the flip business, flipping property is not everyone’s game you need to be able to analyze a good property from a bad property. Sometimes a distressed property might have the kinds of repairs that would make you want to run in the other direction, if you buy this kind of property, remember you are in for the long haul, at the end you’ll end up praying to sell at even or even accept a marginal loss just to get your money out of the project. Before you become afraid of the flip business entirely, there are quite easy things to spot in a property that can check, let’s call this the flop list, the flop list will show you if the property is a flip or a flop. If you go scout a property and it contains more than 3 things mentioned in the flop list, make sure to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction no matter how low the owner or realtor agrees to go, there are just some projects that are not at all worth it. Water is your Bane When there are water stains on the walls or ceiling, you can be sure the renovations are going to cost more than what you possibly will invest in purchasing the property, water damage is a No No, never invest in a property that shows even a hint of water damage. Make sure to ask, people try to mask water damage by wall papering and other methods, make sure you hire an professional inspector to check for water damage. Mold or Fungus Mold or fungus could be the initial signs of moisture, which could be both a sign of water damage or improper ventilation or insulation, make sure you get a certified professional check the house for pests and fungus before you make a deal with the owner. Sagging Floors If the floors are Saggy or uneven you can be sure the foundation is weak, and repairing the foundation of the house takes a lot of money, make sure you get this inspected right away and tick this off if it’s there, find out how extensive the damage is. Neighborhood Ambience Broken glass, graffiti on the walls, people near dumpsters smoking or drinking, might be a good idea to move on, don’t even thing about stopping, just go forget about the listing save your car. Neighbors The best neighbors are seen but not heard, if you happen to be on inspection and hear the delicate sounds of screaming and bickering and/or smashing cutlery, no need to inspect the house you are in, just calmly walk out, and don’t look back. (Visit back in a week to see if the neighbors’ house is listed for sale) Awkward Layout If you enter a property and spot inaccuracies like tilted walls or unbalanced hallways, make sure to get a GC to visit the property and check the floor plan for inaccuracies, if the measurements do not line up and inaccuracies are observed valuate the property accordingly, but if there is any other discrepancy simply move...

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Preparation Before Putting Your House Up For Sale

Posted by on Nov 15, 2014 in Featured, Real Estate | 0 comments

What do you look at when you enter someone’s house? You see what kind of furniture they have, you notice the walls, the floor, and the ceiling are caught in your vision. Subtle things like a false ceiling add a whole new dimension to the visual perspective. This observation is very unintentional , but it’s something everyone does. Now a person who would come to your house to actually buy the property, would surely look into this with a much more concentration, trying to spot flaws and damages, failure in design or structure, or perhaps awkward colors used together, which means you will have to prepare your house with that much more attention before opening it to potential buyers. 1. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine Remember that your house should be fully prepared before putting it up for sale. You should always prepare a list of things that you need to change or address in your home. Always divide the activities of the list according to the time between when you make the list and the ‘open for sale’ day. 2. Remember, The First Impression Is The Last Impression. There are many people who walk through the driveway of your house, or drive by your house just to get an idea of what kind of house it is. The majority of people see the exterior of the property first, and if it impresses them, then and only then are they inclined to look at the interior. Therefore, you will have to make an excellent first impression on the potential buyers by renovating the exterior of the house. Cut the grass if it’s grown long, maintain the garden, fix the boundaries, re-paint the external door and walls, and finally, place statues closer to the gate, and fancy lights on both corners of the gate and walls, if you can afford to do so. 3. Make It Spacious Enough For Ideas People who will come to see your house, will think in their subconscious; about how to arrange their furniture and belongings, and how they would decorate your house. Therefore, make sure that you provide them enough space for making up their mind to live in that house. For this purpose, you should clear up any clutter, remove all empty boxes, depersonalize the space as much as possible, remove the decorative pieces and pictures from the walls to negate any sense of prior ownership. Let the visitors perceive your house as their property. It will help you in getting a better response rate for the house. 4. Make Necessary Repairs Repairing the house is the most crucial activity of preparing a house for sale. Sometimes, you exceed your budget while repairing and maintaining the house. You should first make a list of all the major and minor required repairs in separate columns, then scrutinize the repairs and keep only the important ones on the list.  Major Repairs Now, start with the major repairs. The major repairs include all the repairs which the new owners would be severely impacted by when  moving into the house. For example; sewerage repairs, water supply repairs, door/window repairs, wall repair, etc. Then check your budget. If you still have enough money for the minor repairs or renovations, then start renovating your house and make it shine. Minor Repairs Minor repairs include...

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